Dental Implants – A Great Way To Replace Missing Teeth

Miami Dental Implants

When one or more of your teeth are absent, there are a variety of methods to replace them. The alternative to partials, bridges, and total dentures are dental implants. Teeth implants are utilized to replace absent roots and moreover support artificial replacement of teeth. They are all comfortable, and appear like the natural teeth. Dental implants involve an artificial root, which is made of titanium metal. The artificial root is put in the jaw bone so as to replace the original root of the natural tooth. Once this is done, an artificial replacement tooth is then attached to your implant. This implant acts as a support to hold the tooth that has been replaced.

For you to undergo teeth implants, your general dentist should refer you to a more specialized dentist who has more training in this field. Oral surgeons are the specialists who carry out the placement of the teeth implants while Prosthodontists place bridges, crowns, and dentures on implants. Generally, if you are in good health, have sufficient bone to hold the implant on the jaw, and have a healthy gums, then you qualify for dental implants. If you have a weak jaw bone, you can can acquire a bone graft to assist you in building up the bone. This should be guided by the implant specialist.

The implant expert will examine your mouth with great care, after first an x-ray taken of your jaw, teeth, and head, so that he, or she, can find out whether you are capable of sustaining dental implants. Just like with natural teeth, the implants are required to be cleaned using floss and a toothbrush. Your dentist should explain to you the best procedure for cleaning the implants. You should have regular checkups from your dentist so as to ensure that your bites are right. Moreover, this should help you to check out on whether the implants are loose.

For patients living in Florida, there are several implant centers in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando, where patients can contact to schedule appointments for an oral examination. If you live in Miami, all patients can make their way over to, to set up their free examination, and one-on-one consultation with a seasoned implant specialist. Remember, even if your oral health is poor, the dentist may be able to figure out a way to restore enough bone health, to be able to implant the post, and get you on the way towards the smile you desire.