How to Become an Effective Morning Runner

a healthy morning runnerWe live in a world where keeping fit and living healthy is the order of the day. Well, since you want to keep up with the trends, and of course live a super-healthy lifestyle, you have decided to become a morning runner. Wise move!

But look – becoming a morning runner is easier said than done. Throwing the blanket at 5am and hitting the road is not easy. When the alarm beeps, it’s easier to snooze it or switch it off than get up and cope with the chilly weather outside.

Here is the motivation – running in the morning is one of the best things you can do for your physical and emotional healthy. By working up early and working out, you will be setting the pace for the day, and you will feel happy that you have accomplished something when others are asleep.

That said, how can you become an affective morning runner, even if you are not a morning person? Well, below are some tips that will help you out;

Ensure your running clothes are ready before you go to bed

Waking up and starting to look for your running attire in the filled up closet can give you an excuse to go back to bed.

Since this is what you want to avoid, endeavour to prepare your attire before you go to sleep. If you sleep with clothes on, you can even sleep in them if you are comfortable.

Doing this will save you time when you wake up, and will motivate you to engage in your new-found morning activity. Sooner or later, you will find yourself incorporating it in your daily routine.

Get enough sleep

If you spend most of your night hours watching your favourite TV programme, partying, chatting with friends, or playing a video game, rest assured that you will not become an effective morning runner.

When you sleep late, you will not be able to wake up early for the morning run. Since your body will be worn out, you will find it easier to continue sleeping.

Sleeping for at least eight hours every night is not only healthy, but it can define how you will start your day when you wake up. Therefore, ensure you get enough sleep.

Find a partner

Look for someone who is motivated to run in the morning like yourself and make him a partner. Look, research shows that it is easier to achieve your body and health goals if you work out with others.

Your running partner could be your friend, colleague at work, or family member. Make sure the person you chose is highly motivated, and pushes you to the wall even when you don’t feel like waking up.

Change the route

If you follow the same route every morning, you will soon get bored and abandon your routine. The best way to get motivated to keep running before others wake up is to change your route every time. Getting a mapping app will help you identify the best routes to follow.

When you get used to your new hobby, don’t let it compromise your safety. When you get out of your home, ensure you wear reflective clothing so that motorists can see you. Also, follow paths that are well-lit, so that you can minimize your chances of being attacked. Finally, carry your cell phone with you, so that you can call someone in case of an emergency.